Alrighty!! It’s been a great few weeks since the last post. So, the first question is, do you remember your whiskey goals? Cuz I certainly remember mine!

  1. Get Chill Filtered Podcast sponsored
  2. Get free whiskey to review for the show

These goals are great goals! And we keep checking off #2! So a few weeks ago, Adam was hanging out in Milwaukee and visiting a (soon-to-be-announced) distillery, when a marketing director heard about the Chill Filtered Podcast. Let’s just say (before we officially announce the details) that free whiskey was handed to us to review on the show. We’re so excited about that.

And this very week on Chill Filtered, we had quite the special episode. The Buffalo Trace Distillery (one of my favorite distilleries ever) was kind enough to send Chill Filtered a special sample. A sample of a not-yet-released limited edition bourbon from my favorite whiskey line: Colonel E.H. Taylor – Amaranth: Grain of the Gods. Another checkbox on the #2 whiskey goal!

It was a great episode, but listen for yourself to find out if I love Amaranth whiskey as much as I love other Taylor releases. Oh and we have also been given free fancy bourbon glasses from a certain glass company (soon to be announced on the podcast)! We feel great and we’ll keep checking off #2 and hopefully we’ll check off #1 in the next few months. If you’d be interested in sponsoring Chill Filtered, please feel free to contact us. Either by Instagram, Twitter, Email ( or by using the Contact Us page here on Whiskey Goals.

Thanks for following us and thanks for your support even just by reading this post. We’ll keep you all updated. Feel free to check out our more recent episodes since the last post:

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And feel free to check out our latest episode featuring a very rare (and not even released yet) bourbon, Colonel E.H. Taylor – Amaranth: Grain of the Gods here:

Thanks everyone. We’ll talk to you next time!


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