Welcome back! It’s been a nice few weeks “on vacation” from Chill Filtered to end off our first year and start off our second year. Adam and I were fortunate enough to have great whiskey friends, Scott Page of the My Bourbon Journey Youtube channel and our good buddy Caleb Olson (@thebourbonbadger) and his friend James take over the podcast for two weeks. A huge ‘Thank You!’ to them! And Episode 55 was a great episode where I (Cole) hosted with my old friend Robby Dedlow. We did an episode with a Pacific Northwest whiskey, Rogue Spirits Dead Guy Whiskey. Check out the episode to hear what we think of this bottle, but I’ll give you a hint: it’s very chocolate-y.

Rogue Spirits Dead Guy Whiskey – Episode 55

But our latest episode, which comes out Monday June 17th is Adam and my first episode back together for the second year of Chill Filtered. We drank Jack Daniels! …. I know, Jack Daniels? Old Jackie-D? Ol’ JD? Yes and no…. you see, this is a very special bottle of Jasper Daniels right here, this is Jack Daniels Single Barrel – Barrel Proof. This specific bottle is 128.5 Proof. It was purchased at Steve’s Liquor in Madison Wisconsin. It’s actually technically made its appearance on the show once before as a Christmas gift I gave to Adam.

I’ll let you listen to the episode come Monday on chillfiltered.com or wherever you listen to podcasts, (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, TuneIn, Podbean, [the list goes on my friends]). But as I will often do in these Whiskey Goals posts, I will give a hint: pleasantly surprised this was a Jack Daniels product. Would I recommend it? Yes.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel – Barrel Proof

We talk everything from shout-outs for our Patreon patrons. (Check it out for Chill Filtered Patreon exclusives, like patron-only videos and CF swag to come soon), to anxiety, Nearest Green, the Lincoln County Process, Tennessee Whiskey laws, mash bills, and everything in between.

Plus we’re listing all the upcoming whiskeys we’re drinking for the next 14 episodes (could change slightly as time goes by):

Nikka Pure Malt 17yr

Knob Creek Twice Barreled Rye

Bernheim Wheat Whiskey

Jefferson’s Reserve – Groth Cask Finish

IW Harper 15yr

Old Ezra 7yr Barrel Strength

Tattersall Straight Rye

1792 Sweet Wheat

Blanton’s (Combo of a standard Single Barrel and a store pick)

Van Winkle Special Reserve 12yr (2018)

Second Sight Oak Eye Bourbon

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (131.4 Proof [2018])

Knob Creek Small Batch

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary

So feel free to go out and buy a bottle you see on the list (if you can’t, set some Whiskey Goals for yourself) so you can share a drink with us for each episode. We’re so grateful for all of our listeners and followers. Feel free to hit us up on Instagram, Twitter, by email (chillfilteredpodcast@gmail.com) or through the Contact Us page on this website.

We look forward to a great Japanese whiskey next week. Talk to you soon.


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