Hey my fellow whiskey goal-setters,

As you might know, I continue on with my whiskey goals through my not-so-new podcast that I co-host called Chill Filtered. If this is news to you, feel free to check out this post or even this post here. And I am very proud to say that Chill Filtered just released the official 52nd episode this week. One year down, many more to go.

Adam (my co-host) and I had a very special episode that reminded me of old sitcoms. You know, the ones where they reminisce (but really only show highlights) on the last season. And trust me, it’s not a cop out concerning new material like sitcoms would do. We drank some of our notable pours from the last year. I (Cole) poured Colonel E. H. Taylor Cured Oak and Lot No. 40 12yr Cask Strength Rye. Adam drank “Adam’s Song Batch #1” (a blend Adam created) and Four Roses Single Barrel – Barrel Strength.

We talked favorite quotes, favorite moments and even cataloged all the years ratings. See this interactive chart link to see the scores we gave each whiskey.

Check out the 52nd episode here.  OR search Chill Filtered wherever you get your podcasts.

Check out the latest episode!

I even have a new set of “whiskey goals” now. My most recent set of aspirations are these:

  1. Get Chill Filtered Podcast sponsored
  2. Get free whiskey to review for the show

I know what you’re thinking, “Free whiskey? Who do you think you are?” But I will tell you this: I want to promote whiskey for those needing promotion and we have already succeeded to an extent with this. We have been reached out to by distilleries and by friends of the podcast to sample and review their whiskey. But we want to continue to do that. I have largely self funded the show’s whiskey and I would love to get to a point where we get support from our listeners and distilleries around the world.

We appreciate your support even by reading this or listening to any episode.

And if you love Whiskey Goals and/or Chill Filtered already, it would mean a ton to us for you to support us on Patreon. For those who don’t know, Patreon is a great way to support your favorite things monetarily. Even donating $1 a month would mean a ton to us.

But also, check us out on Instagram or Twitter or reach out to us on the “Contact Us” page.

Oh, and the next two weeks will have two guest hosts for Chill Filtered. We’re excited to have Scott Page of the Youtube Channel My Bourbon Journey will be hosting one and @thebourbonbadger Caleb Olson will be hosting the other.

We’re looking forward to their awesome contributions and Adam and I will be back soon to host again. Until then, I’ll talk to you guys shortly.

– Cole

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