So, you’re probably wondering why it has been so long since there’s been a legitimate update. Well a lot has gone on since we were able to score that glorious bottle of Eagle Rare 17 to finish off “Season 1”. If you haven’t read about last year’s whiskey goals, I would definitely recommend reading our first blog post: Dreams, Goals and Aspirations. That should help you understand what we’re all about.

This year is a little different. Our goals are similar:

  1. As many Buffalo Trace Antique Collection bottles as possible
    • Priority on George T Stagg, Sazerac 18 and Thomas H Handy Sazerac (because we haven’t owned any yet)
    • I’m still a huge fan of Eagle Rare 17, so I’ll take whatever I can get of that
  2. Any Pappy Van Winkle bottles we can get
    • Last year’s 2015 collection was amazing so I wouldn’t mind any year we can achieve.
  3. As many rare bottles as we can find.

Why do I say this year is different? It’s not just the goals. I (Cole) have moved to Virginia… (an ABC state). What does that mean? That means I can kiss goodbye my methods of local liquor store sponsorship because the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board keeps control of all liquor coming in. I can buy thousands of dollars worth of bottles from a store and not get treated well in return. Even if the owner recognized me for a high paying customer, he doesn’t even touch Bourbon Season bottles. But I can sign up for a lottery, (sarcastic “yay”). It’s downright messed up… but I digress once again.

There is good news though. Trevor is still where we were before and we (that’s right, “we”) are still supporting the same liquor store. I am sending money to Trevor every week or two and he’s contributing as before to keep that same customer relationship. Every so often, Trevor will ship me a package with all the bottles he’s bought for me recently. Now we can continue the customer relationship we’ve worked so hard to build and continue getting the inside scoop as Bourbon Season 2 begins.

Our friend Blake at has a great BTAC (Buffalo Trace Antique Collection) Map here that has shown us (as of the time I am writing this) that only 3 states (Georgia, Kansas and North Carolina) have received allocations of the bottles so far. We wait until we see our state (now Trevor’s state) light up and we pounce.

That’s the story as of now. More to come once I get the first package from Trevor. I’ll explain the update when that comes.

Thanks for reading along!



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