Hey everyone,

Long time since last post but I wanted to get back into things a little bit. As discussed in the last post, the method I used to determine the best whiskey from Bourbon Season last year used calculations of what whiskeys people have tried and what whiskeys they have found to be the best of those tried. If 200 people only tried one whiskey and they all voted on that whiskey, the results would normally be skewed, but this method takes that into account and judges with a weighted measure to those who have tried more whiskey. I had a formula to assess this and these are the results:

1st Place – John E Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve
2nd Place – Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye
3rd Place – William Larue Weller (BTAC)
4th Place – Elijah Craig 18 Year
5th Place – George T. Stagg (BTAC)
6th Place – Wild Turkey Diamond
7th Place – 1792 Port Finish
8th Place – Michter’s 10 Year
9th Place – Michter’s Toasted Barrel
10th Place – Eagle Rare 17 (BTAC)
11th Place – Thomas H Handy (BTAC)
12th Place – Van Winkle Family Reserve Lot B
13th Place – Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition
14th Place – Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon
15th Place – Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year


Thanks for putting in your votes! Of course there are many ways that one can calculate these things but here are the results concerning the way I did it. Here’s to Bourbon Season 2016!

Good luck!

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