Well, just when we thought this year’s bourbon season has come and gone. I thought I would try one more thing. (No, not the secondary market. For those out there who consider that stuff, consider this blog to be a way to learn how to do it right.)

I wrote a letter. A handwritten letter to [a great great man]. I told him about our blog. I told him about our Dreams, Goals and Aspirations. And I kindly asked for his help. I get a email from [a great great man] about a week or so later. He liked our blog and was willing to help us out. Let’s just say, within a very short amount of time, we hold our number one goal in our hands.

#1 Goal Achieved

#1 Goal Achieved (Cole left, Trevor right)

It’s amazing to see the power of a handwritten note. Trevor and I were blown away by the help we received. Now we have achieved our goals. What do we do next? Make more.

Now let this be a lesson to anyone. Don’t give up. Even if you worked hard enough where everyone is saying that your goals are yours for the taking and yet they are seemingly just out of reach, try another angle.

We love our liquor store. We plan on going there exclusively as long as we live in this city. They have done so much for us and have helped us achieve the majority of our goals and we can easily say they are great friends. And from what we heard, only one bottle of ER17 made it to our section of the state this year. Seemingly just out of reach… But we didn’t give up.

I wanted to say a special thanks to all those that contacted us, cheered us on, or gave us some inside information here and there. There are some awesome whiskey friends out there. Please continue to hit us up through our Contact Us page. We’re so grateful for all of our fans, who helped us not give up.

We got to go in to our liquor store and share the opening of Eagle Rare 17 with [Steve]. We got to tell them about the blog and they loved it. They’re great friends and we’re glad to have them in our journey.

Till next time.

Cole and Trevor

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