On Thursday, November 19th, Trevor and I found that our state liquor stores received their allocations of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and the Pappy Van Winkle line.Thanks Bourbonr.com! We didn’t know what to do. Do we call [Steve] up and demand to hear what they got? Do we just wait until we get the call? Do we drop by the store? We finally agreed that if we did not hear back by Saturday, we’d drop by.

We enter the store around 1PM on Saturday. We come to find them renovating a little. Good for them, they’re store is great as it is but it’s nice to see carpet and more shelves here and there. We see [David] on the ground fixing a shelf, but he’s a little busy obviously.

We don’t want to spend much because we’re saving up for the big bottles, so we go down to see if they have Jim Murray’s World Whiskey of the Year, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. Yep, and it’s $30. Thanks Jim! We are still eyeing the whiskeys when a person we’ve never seen comes down the aisle.

“Ah, World Whiskey of the Year right there”, he says walking our way. We start joking about Jim Murray and I soon ask, “Do you work here, too?” “Yep, I’m [John]”, he says.

We immediately know who this is. This is the store owner. “Good to finally meet you. My name is Cole and this is Trevor”. He smiles, finally putting our faces with names too. He gets right  down to business.

“[Steve] has been fighting for you guys,” he starts off saying. Turns out they got a very small allocation. No Pappy 20 or 23, no Eagle Rare 17, Stagg, or Sazerac. They got one bottle of William Larue Weller and a Pappy 10 and 15. That’s it.

Our hearts sink. No Eagle Rare 17. Hurts to hear.

“But we’re told by the distributor that they might be able to drop at least one more bottle of William Larue Weller by and maybe another random bottle of Pappy,” [John] says. He says there are no guarantees though. He says they will try to get us whatever they can but someone already claimed the William Larue Weller they already have.

We go on talking for a little while longer, contemplating in our heads what we’d do if we didn’t get any bottles. Stunned, we check out with our World Whiskey of the Year and head out.

Till next time…

  1. Ohhhh nnnoooo!!! I feel horrible for you guys! Unfortunately this has been EXACTLY what has happened to me this year…dropped a ton of coinage in prep for the big fall releases and got squat nothing as far as the BTAC or PVW releases go.
    You learn very quickly regardless of what they say, store employees and even owners can not guarantee you anything when it comes to these…they never really tell you that ahead of time though do they??

    BTW if you guys were the #1 customers why no love on the LaRue? Hope you asked!

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