Laphroaig is known for their smokiness in their scotch whisky. They do a good job mixing the peat flavor with a sweet complexity which was evident to us with this bottle.

Color was a mid yellow.


T: Clearly peaty, but sweet
C: Sweet – campfire – fruitiness in there

Week 18 Purchase #1

Week 18 Purchase #1


T: Complexity and balance: 98
C: Sharp sweet, fruity before the smokiness even kicked in – evens out very smoothly


T: Peat dissipates and you’re left with a slightly scorched fruit blend
C: Fruitiness hangs around even more than the smoke/peat.

This was probably my (Cole’s) favorite bottle of scotch. Amazing fruity finish, very sweet with a lingering finish that was phenomenal. If you can even find this bottle, get it. It would be very worth it.

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