Sazerac, produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, is an amazing rye. Definitely can’t find this bottle anywhere. We got handed this from the back room. Ryes are known to be a little sharper in taste and more spicy than bourbons, which are Buffalo Trace’s main gig. Great bottle.

Color was a middle amber.

Week Ten Purchase #3


T: Subtle, slightly vanilla
C: Hard candy, butterscotch, vanilla


T: Vanilla sweet
C: Sharp taste, refreshing almost, fruity, hints of cherry, citrus, pear, slightly breathable


T: Super breathable with a pleasant burn
C: Finishes similar to the palette, holds on strong for a while

I like this bottle a lot. Simple, sharp yet not unpleasant in that way. It is definitely a trustworthy rye whiskey and I would highly recommend it to anyone new or experienced to ryes.

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