Elmer T. Lee is produced by Trevor and my favorite distillery, Buffalo Trace. Man these guys got it together. Named after the master distiller himself, it is a great bottle of Bourbon. No super easy to find.

Color was a mid to dark amber.

Week Four Purchase #2

Week Four Purchase #2


T: Fruity sweet, slight oak
C: Vanilla, sweet corn, sweet cigar smoke


T: Solid bite, oak is released her with some vanilla
C: Rush of sweet vanilla, full bodied and smooth


T: Mildly breathable, oak dissipates and it finishes with a touch of sweet
C: Caramel, sweetness remains but fades a little

A great bottle of bourbon. If you’re looking for a solid bourbon with a sweetness to it, this should definitely be one of your bottles to try. I will always recommend Elmer T. Lee.


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