Another week of tasty progress and solid whiskey. Not too crazy but always good forward movement.

Dom Perignon

Week Fifteen Purchase #2

We come in Saturday afternoon again. Just [Steve] this week, but he gladly helps us out. Trevor, by the way, is also getting married in just a little over a week. In a previous week, (I forgot to mention) he requested a bottle of Dom Pérignon, some classy champagne, no no, THE classy champagne, and it came in that week (at cost price to us). After [Steve] goes to the back room to grab the Dom, “Bourbon? Scotch? Irish? What you hoping for this week?” he asks. Trevor says he’s looking more on the Scotch side, but he’s down for anything. He also wants some wines. You’d think he’d want to write a wine blog. But no, he needs to fill up his newly purchased hutch (a wedding gift). At least fill up the wine slots. The whiskey that just he owns fills up all the presentation parts! But I digress. Let’s bring it back to the whiskey, what’dya say?

Week Fifteen Purchase #1

Week Fifteen Purchase #1

We’re sifting through the top shelf and there’s one label that has been catching Trevor’s eye for a few weeks. Balvenie. A trustworthy Scotch. Trevor asks [Steve], “What’s your thoughts on Balvenie?” “Well,” [Steve] says, if you’re going to go with Balvenie, I have to definitely recommend their 17 year, sherry finish”. Trevor is in. We spend the rest of the time getting some wines. I keep doing double takes on the price tags. Good wine certainly is a lot less expensive than whiskey. Good for them.

We fill up a box with all the purchases, joking like old friends as we check out, and shake hands. Good week for sure.


  • A solid few bottles purchased, one whiskey, but money spent on elixirs nonetheless
  • Building the rapport more and more each visit
  • One day closer to the release of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (sadly not released to our state yet) and therefore one step closer to our Whiskey Goals
  • Looked mighty good doing it.

Till next time. In the meantime, please feel free to check out the soon-to-come review of Balvenie 17 Year Sherry Oak Finish Scotch (if not out yet, as well as other great drinks!) in our Whiskey Reviews – Along The Way section.

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