Wow, what a good solid week! And a very first for the boys of Whiskey Goals. We come in on a Saturday this week. Our afternoon time that we normally come in. That’s usually when [Steve] and [David] are in. But it turns out that it was only [David] this week.

As we’re walking in, we see an employee at the register that we normally see there. We ask him if [Steve] or [David] are in. [David] yells from the back room, “No, [David]’s certainly not here”. Trevor leans over the counter to look in the back room. [David] comes out, shakes our hands and slips by us to go to the very back of the store.

I lean over to Trevor on our way to the whiskey aisle, “Should we get something since [Steve] isn’t here?” But since Trevor and I felt like the presence we still are developing is becoming so strong with both [Steve] and the store manager [David], we were okay with just [David].

We check through the whiskey aisle a little, thinking that [David] is actually just very busy, but he comes back to us. He’s got a bottle in his hands. This bottle is awesome looking, and I recognize it right away. It’s Old Forester Birthday Bourbon. This bottle only comes out once a year, and the bottle was this years edition. Our first annual release whiskey! He tells us he was setting this aside for us. And he was just now able to hand it over.

Week Fourteen Purchase

Week Fourteen Purchase

We are stoked. We talk with [David] a little more at the register. He tells us the owner of the store, whom we’ve never met, knows well of us and is happy to have us as customers. Wow, we’re getting to be quite the big deal here. We shake hands and head out.

Things covered this visit:

  • As always, supporting their fine establishment with good money and setting our weekly presence
  • We received our first annual release whiskey: Old Forester Birthday Bourbon
  • We are not only known by the whiskey guy and the store manager, we are known by the store owner now.
  • We are one step closer to what looks like early November with the releases of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and the Pappy collection.

Great week indeed. Feel free to check out our review of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2015 soon (if not out already) in our Whiskey Reviews – Along the Way section.

Till next time.

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