This week was pretty good, nothing too crazy. We go in on a Thursday night because [Steve] wasn’t working on Fridays lately. The store is pretty empty and they’re watching Thursday night football on a TV above the counter area. The Broncos are playing the Chiefs. Trevor avoids the screen because he was recording the game to watch later. I look up to see a tie score. But my mind is not on football, it’s on whiskey.

Week Twelve Purchase

Week Twelve Purchase

[Steve] is excited to see us and shows us to the whiskey aisle. I am looking for a bourbon today and we poke around for a little, and we get the Wild Turkey 17 Year Masters Keep. We proceed to the counter and [Steve] pulls out some rare beers and asks us if we want any. I’m not a big beer fan but Trevor likes his beers.

Trevor grabs a few and I grab one. After all, supporting their establishment doesn’t just mean whiskey. Nothing too much in this visit, but still progress.

Let’s review:

  • Continuing the steady and firm presence – In fact, we feel like kings walking through that door
  • Buying a “Top Shelf” $100+ bottle of bourbon to support the store (and have good whiskey along the way of course)
  • Got some “Back Room” beers
  • Looked really fly doing it

Again, a week of steady progress, but nothing too advanced. Feel free to check out our soon-to-come (if not out already) review of Wild Turkey 17 Masters Keep in our Whiskey Reviews – Along The Way section. Till next time.

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