Week eight was simply good. Not great, but good. Not too much to explain this week, but certainly not bad progress.

Week Eight Purchase

Week Eight Purchase

Trevor and I show up to the store and talk a little with [Steve]. He was bummed to say he had nothing new, and the store looked a little busy. After pointing a few bottles out, he points to Jim Beam on the very top. We’re like, “Really? Jim Beam?”, but he said it was a pretty solid bourbon for this Distiller’s Masterpiece edition. It even came in a box. I don’t buy in to boxes, but [Steve] I listen to. We check out and shake hands.

The store was pretty busy so we didn’t get to talk too long, but in the end, slow progress was achieved.

  • We kept building the customer presence with [Steve]
  • We spent good money on the bottle, about $210
  • We looked darn good doing it

Some may think the last way was most important, but I would say slow progress is still progress, and we were happy with that.

Check out our soon-to-come review (if not out by now) of Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece through our Whiskey Reviews – Along the Way section. Till next time!

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