Man, what a great week. After visiting the Tuesday of that week and laying out our request to [Steve], we are pretty excited to see where things were going. We meet up at the liquor store again on Friday and walk in. [Steve] sees us and walks over to the whiskey section. He points out a few whiskeys that we might want. One of which we got, Bowmore 15 Year Aged “Darkest” bottle, he told us was becoming quite rare. We got that one for around $80. Trevor also wanted a $250 bottle of Redbreast 21 Year Single Pot Still, so he grabbed that one.

Week Seven Purchase #1

Week Seven Purchase #2

Here’s where it gets good. As we’re walking to the register counter, [Steve] says something along the lines of it is looking good to him that we can get at least one bottle of Eagle Rare 17. I tell [Steve], “This warms my heart”. He says, “I’ve been talking to Buffalo Trace and I’ve been thinking about you guys”. I give a look at Trevor and try to hold in the excitement.

Week Seven Purhcase #1

Week Seven Purchase #1

As we’re checking out, he says he wants to invite us to a local whiskey tasting. Not just some official big deal whiskey tasting, a really big deal whiskey tasting among his friends at one of their houses. Let’s just say, George T Stagg was mentioned among other great whiskeys. I am like, “Wait, George T Stagg? Like big deal Stagg?” He confirms it. He does tell us though that he has to get the approval of the person hosting it. But we’re stoked enough to get the potential invite. He shakes our hands, calls us by name and thanks us. We head out and freak out in the car a little bit with the amazement of our progress.

So let’s go over some progress for week seven:

  • Bought over $300 dollars of great whiskey, adding to our customer reputation.
  • Were told that we should get at least one bottle of Eagle Rare 17.
  • Were told that [Steve] was “thinking about” us as he called Buffalo Trace Distillery.
  • Got potentially invited to an inside group of whiskey peoples’ tasting of crazy good whiskeys.
  • Got called by name as he shook our hands going out.

Great week! Check out our upcoming (if not out already) whiskey reviews for Bowmore and Redbreast in our Whiskey Reviews – Along The Way section. Some great whiskeys to take a look at.

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