A little about the distillery, Springbank Distillery is based in Campbeltown, Scotland. Home of three distillers, Campbeltown is known for their full bodied scotches, like Springbank 17 Years Aged here.

The color was clearly a light amber.


T: Very sweet, chardonnay predominant with cherry hints
C: Just like a strong chardonnay with hints of Sherry


T: Soft and 95% of the sweet disappears with the taste.
C: There is an empty pocket of taste in the beginning, but then hit very strong with scotch flavor. Not too strong a bite but is not one bit breathable


T: Not breathable, but subtle hints of sweetness
C: Peaty but definitely a light sweetness with a long powerful finish

Cole wasn’t too big a fan of it, but he prefers bourbons to scotches to begin with, unless the scotch is a stunner.
Trevor liked the Springbank but his least favorite so far out of all of our scotch purchases.

Week Five Purchase #1

Week Five Purchase #1

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