We thought we might write up an initial “How We Like To Review” page before we start putting out these reviews we’ve been writing. First of all, we would love to market these whiskey reviews to the common whiskey enjoyer. Our real goal is that those reading the reviews don’t see good (and usually expensive) whiskey as a snob thing. Also for them to see quality whiskey as worth spending more for. It would be amazing if, by writing these reviews in simplistic form, others can form their own “Whiskey Goals” and go after them.

Glencairn Glass

Glencairn Whiskey Glass

So, we will be using as simple terms as possible to go over four parts of the whiskey experience.

  • The Nose – This means the aroma and smell of the whiskey before it’s even tasted
  • The Palette – This means the taste, specifically the taste from sip to swallow and just a little bit after
  • The Finish – This means basically the lingering aftertaste
  • Balance – We will sometimes go into how balanced the whiskey is altogether. Especially if it has a nice complexity to the whole.

We won’t be using terms that don’t really make sense. But we will be using terms that we like to use like:

  • Breathable – This means inhaling while the whiskey is in your mouth does not hurt the whiskey experience. Sometimes, even with amazing whiskeys, it can be better to not inhale much at all while sipping to after swallowing. It can actually be the thing that turns a person from not liking whiskey to loving it.
  • Bite – Most people understand what a alcohol bite is, but we see it as a sharpness of taste that doesn’t have too much flavor. More of a hit of the alcohol than the whiskey. Not always a good thing if found alone.
  • Pocket – This can be a moment of emptiness in sensory perception of the whiskey. Some whiskeys have flavor or aroma drop off for a moment and then come back with a different flavor or aroma altogether.

We might add more terms as we do more but those are some terms you might not find in your average review vocabulary, so just keep these in mind.

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