Some history about this bottle: Redbreast is an Irish whiskey from “Irish Distillers”. They are the world’s biggest producers of (get this) Irish Whiskeys. But these guys triple distill their mash of malted and unmalted barley and age for 21 long years to make this fantastic whiskey.

(T=Trevor, C=Cole)

Week Seven Purhcase #1

Week Seven Purhcase #1


T: Honey hints
C: Caramel sweetness


T: Bite that turned to honey sweetness
C: Burn turned into sweet fruitiness, sharp burst of passionfruit/honey


T: Not as good as palette but still great
C: Sweet but not outstanding

We were originally told by [Steve] that once we tried this Irish whiskey, we would never go back to any other Irish again. That was pretty much the case. This was absolutely stunning. We were so blown away by the sharp turn to strong fruity sweetness upon swallowing, we wanted to watch our significant others try it too to see their reactions. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a better Irish whiskey. Again, absolutely stunning.

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