Bowmore 15 Year Darkest Scotch

Bowmore 15 Year Darkest Scotch

A little history first on Bowmore Distillery. The distillery was established before our US constitution was even signed. 1779 to be exact. Located on the Islay Island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, they have been at this for quite a while.

What struck us first about this scotch was the color once we took it out of the box. I came across the website which put the color as “dark amber” but we both thought it looked more pink. We both were thinking a nice strawberry pink. Something we had never seen before. Certainly from the Sherry finish but it was interesting for sure. (T=Trevor) (C=Cole)


T: Medium smoke with gentle sweetness
C: Very smoky with apple sweetness


T: Has a sweetness with the heavy smoke. Tiny hints of caramel. Mostly breathable (light smoke keeping it from too much)
C: Woody and sweet, small dashes of vanilla, you can barely taste the sherry, and somewhat breathable.


T: Very sweet linger.
C: Very sweet, fruity.

Definitely complex as far as scotches go.

Trevor was convinced that all this would get me into scotches. We’ll see.

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