Week five was a week of strong progress and three visits. We got to the liquor store on the Thursday that week and waited for [Steve] for about 20 minutes. He was talking to someone outside for a little. We were not trying to rush him or seem to be nagging. We definitely wanted to play it cool.

So after he came in he recognized us, he came over. We asked him if there was anything new and he was sad to say he didn’t. But he showed us a few scotches he had tried recently and loved. He said he hadn’t tried Springbank with the sherry wood finish yet but he was looking forward to testing it out. I remember the price was around $100 so we took it.

Week Five Purchase #1

Week Five Purchase #1

He told us about the Groth finished Jefferson Reserve again and said that it will be hard to find another case of that again. We passed for the moment and said we might get more. It was, after all, an amazing bourbon.

I got a call from Trevor the next day. “I really want to get another bottle of the Jefferson Groth”, he told me. I’m always down for another visit, so we went that night. We saw [Steve] again and asked him if there’s anything we  should be looking out for soon. He pulled out a case he just got of Old Forester Original Batch. He said he just got the case and they haven’t even been price labeled yet. It’s a bourbon and I do love bourbons, so I asked if I could buy it.

[Steve] pulled out his phone and called the store manager right then and there. He started by saying, “The two big customers are here…”. (What? We’re already recognized as that? That’s awesome!) So he asked the manager if he could sell it and we saw a slight look of disappointment cross his face as he heard the response. He finished the conversation letting us know that once they do get them properly priced, he will call us so we can pick it up. He took my number down on a post-it note and stuck it to one of their bottles. We did leave with a nice bottle of Jefferson Reserve Groth Finish though.

I got a call from the liquor store the next day (Saturday) from another guy besides [Steve], (let’s refer to him [David]). He told me that they had set aside the Old Forester bottle for me and I can pick it up whenever. I told him I’d be by pretty soon that day.

Week Five Purchase #3

Week Five Purchase #3

I was about to tell my wife that I’m heading out to pick it up and in my excitement, I almost forgot rule two: Always go to the liquor store together! I called up Trevor, told him the situation, and he’s on his way back from working that day and told me he can meet me at the store. We met there and [Steve] was not in. But I talked to the young-looking man behind the counter and told him there was a bottle I came to pick up. He picked it out of the box and I wondered, “Is this the manager?”

I asked him, “Are you the bossman?” and he said he was. Good to know, [David] is the store manager. We would probably need to know that in the future to recognize any power players in the game. We talk for a little and walk out with the bottle of Old Forester Original Batch for only around $40.

So altogether a good week. Progress attained:

  • Good monetary purchase of Springbank for the financial side of things – about $220 spent that week total with the other two involved.
  • We were called “The Two Big Customers” in a conversation between [Steve] and the store manager [David].
  • Me met bossman [David] himself for added presence.
  • One “Top Shelf” whiskey and two “Back Room” whiskeys.
  • Even got our name out there a little more with the phone call.

I’d say a great week actually.

Check out our reviews to come (if not out already) for Springbank Sherry Wood Finish 17 Year and Old Forester Original Batch in the Whiskey Reviews – Along the Way page

I’ll give a little preview, Old Forester has an incredible finish to it, one of the best I’ve ever had.

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