So I realize we’re falling behind on the weeks here, so I’m going to write up Week Three quick.

The update here was not too exciting, but decent progress. We walked into the liquor store and noticed a restocked selection. We waited to run into [Steve] and asked him about any new bottles. Sadly, this week he had nothing new. But we talked a while about their top shelf WhistlePig selection. We noticed a $200 bottle “Boss Hog” and we were willing to buy it but [Steve] told us it was not as good as it looked. There were a few $130 bottles of WhistlePig Old World that he told us about.

They were some interesting bottles as they were both the same style but two different finishes. He told us WhistlePig was known for their rye whiskeys but these ones in particular were aged in specific casks for different lengths of time. One was finished 63% in a Madeira cask, 30% in a Sauternes cask and 7% in a Port cask. The other bottle was 100% Sauternes finish. Sounded interesting enough so we got both.

Week Three Purchase

Week Three Purchase

As we headed out, [Steve] told us about a case of Blood Oath Bourbon that would be coming in soon. He said, “I got one bottle going to the store owner, one going to the owner’s military friend, one for myself and I can save the last for you guys”. That pleased us very much. We told him we would love to have it.

We walked out victorious once again. Not only did we spend the amount we hoped to and set our presence more firmly, we got some more inside information. Some of those “lean-in” details that we appreciate so much.

Check out our review to come (if not out already) of WhistlePig Old World with two different finishes in our reviews section.

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