Week four was a good week. Right when we walked in, [Steve] sees us and says, “I’ve got something for you guys”. We are stoked. It came to our attention that he still doesn’t call us by name yet but hey, he definitely knows that we don’t mess around when we come. Progress indeed.

He just got a case in of Jefferson Reserve Bourbon with a Groth (classy Cabernet Sauvignon) Finish. First of all, I have had Jefferson Presidential and Jefferson Very Small Batch and that is some good bourbon. We were sold at every point in this visit. We were pretty excited though, that he had us in mind when he got the case. Oh yeah, and did I say this was “Back Room” status? Well it was.

Week Four Purchase #1

Week Four Purchase #1

Week Four Purchase #2

Week Four Purchase #2

I asked the price and he said $80. Since we wanted to spend more, we asked him if he got anything else new. He picks up a bottle of Elmer T Lee bourbon from the back room as well. A rare bottle like that and for only $40 extra, and we were sold.

Solid week. We were a little nervous to bring up the Blood Oath promise because we would hate to nag so we left it out that visit. But let’s just review a little, we achieved:

  • Immediate recognition as we walked in, with full observation of our intentions
  • Not just one, but two “Back Room” bourbons
  • A stronger visit “presence” than last time
  • Good (but not great) money investment that week

So check out our upcoming (if not out already) review of both Jefferson Reserve Groth Cask Finish Bourbon and Elmer T Lee Bourbon

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